Vartika Kesharwani

I have achieved 10 CGPA (Cumulative great point averaage) in 10th board. This is the biggest achievement in my life. This only happened, by the guidance of my teacher who gave me such a good knowledge and plateform to prove my quality. My parents also supported me in my success.
Getting marks is not the achievement, knowledge is the achievement in human life to achieve the goel.
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Zoya Parveen

I Zoya Parveen have achieved 9.8 CGPA in class 10th board. Is is the biggest achievement for me. I dedicate this success to my teachers and my family members and the unique brilliant methodology of my school which paved the path of my success. I would like to thank principal mam and the school management for providing us an ideal atmosphere for studying and learning which are the key factors for success.
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Yashika Jain

Getting 9.6 CGPA in class 10th board is the biggest achievement in my life and this all is possible just because of the guidance and hard work of my parents and teachers who has guided me in right way to achieve my goal.
“Books are the best friend of a student and teachers are the best guide of a student”
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Swapnil Kumar

I Swapnil Kumar have achieved 9.6 CGPA in board exam of class 10th board. This is one of the greatest achievements in our life. This all was possible due to the hard work of my respectable teachers and my parents. I would like to thanks school principal and management for creating a healthy and friendly environment for learning.
Vardhaman School
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